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What our clients have to say.....


"Dee is a great pilates instructor. She has a very good in depth knowledge of how the muscle groupings in the body work, and is able to translate this successfully into how she prepares the exercises for her clients.  She is very thorough in the preparation of both her classes and her one to ones. I have found Dee very helpful during the last two years. I do a lot of sport and it is therefore, in the first instance, very important to keep my body free from injury. This she has been able to achieve. Secondly, I went to Dee because I wanted to improve my swimming times in competition. This has been achieved, to the point that I am swimming ,as good , if not better than I was 5 to 10 years ago. I have no hesitation in recommending Dee. She is a true professional, who is constantly improving her own knowledge and understanding of pilates" Peter Gruitt


"Dee makes the classes interesting, informative and is really inspiring. Look forward to class each week"


"I have been using the body arc for just over a month now. The selling point for me was the way in which the arc allows you to work certain muscle groups whilst releasing strain on the lower back; in fact, it obliges muscles to work which otherwise allow the back to take up some of their load. As such, I have noticed significant advances in core and leg strength since using the arc as well as changes in how I move my upper back and shoulders. A versatile piece of equipment, it has become an invaluable part of my Pilates routine" Nicola Tierney

"Very Patient, good attention to detail. Makes the class enjoyable"


"I was a professional dancer since going to the Laban Centre in London and did choreography and cabaret for many years when too old to do ballet on stage. In 2008 I had a prolapsed disk L5/S1 and had an emergency microdiscectomy at King Hospital, London. I had some difficulties over the next few months and lost my natural fitness and strength and in 2009 my Osteopath recommended Dee and Pilates. Initially I was frightened to do anything but had such good support and teaching that I am now in a class and go weekly. Pilates has helped with my confidence, whole body fitness, breathing, core stability and ability to stretch" Laure Sutherland


"Pilates has helped me to improve my balance and posture when walking. It also has helped me to stretch and relax my muscles.  In my Pilates class I enjoy using the foam rollers and the magic circles" Daniella Cordara

"My first Pilates lesson with Dee was 4 years ago this month. After 2 operations for a back injury which left me with no feeling in my left leg and the odd rib missing, I needed something that would rebuild my strength and improve my posture. I have found lessons with Dee instructive, sometimes demanding, but due to excellent teaching methods, never beyond my capabilities and always a fun hour which I look forward to every week. Pilates has improved my flexibility, muscle tone, posture and last year I completed a half walking marathon.  So what has the last four years of Pilates done for me, kept me fit, energized, sometimes given me a big fit of the giggles, but best of all I’ve met and made some really good friends" Judy Povey


"I enjoy the sessions I attend, I feel im being challenged to improve and motivated to continue in the future"


"I cannot stress how grateful I am to Dee. I was introduced to Pilates and Dee's classes about 7 years ago. I had almost zero inner core strength and most recently lower back issues which over the 7 years with Dee have greatly strengthened and taught me how to manage my back. Dee tailors all her exercises to your individual needs and problems which I find extremely good. She can even send you home with exercises to continue and keep up with at home. Thanks again Dee"  Paula Stears


"Love the hands on approach and the individual attention"


"I've attended many different exercise classes over more years than I care to remember and never found one that I have enjoyed so much.  Your attention to session plans, keeping each week different and including so many new exercises keeps everything interesting.  Also the way you take a personal  interest in every class member, assisting them to carryout exercises to their level of ability, taking into account injury, I feel is quite unique.  I personally have benefitted from pilates in so many ways - my back is so much stronger and my posture, although still a way to go, is also much improved .  The breathing and relaxation techniques help keep stress to manageable levels.  I'd like to thank you for all the above.  You really are a talented instructor and I look forward to many more classes to come" February 2014


Dee is very knowledgeable in all areas of Pilates. She manages and teaches small classes ensuring all her clients are safe and working their individual potentials. Her classes are appropriately challenging giving a varied workout. She teaches all ranges of clients from beginner and clients with specific injuries or complaints to advanced classes. Dee also works on a 1:1 basis with people who require more support through their Pilates journey." Osteopath


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